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In The News

  • May Board Meeting

    May 24th, 2019

    The first board meeting of the year is on Monday, May 27 at 5 PM at the UWSA Boardroom (Bulman Student Centre).

    All students are welcome and have speaking rights! Please send all questions to chair@

    Check out the agenda here:?May 2019 Board Meeting Agenda

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  • CKUW Celebrations!

    May 16th, 2019

    Join the party tonight at the Good Will and celebrate 20 years of CKUW!

    Free ke, DJs and Live bands! Event is pay-what-you-n and all are welcome!

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  • Free UWinnipeg Pride Events

    May 14th, 2019

    From May 23-June 2, we’re celebrating Pride with The University of Winnipeg. tch a movie or join us on the float!
    All events are free and accessible. Find more information and a detailed schedule here:?https://www.uwinnipeg.ca/pride/pride-events.html

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  • Tuition hikes at UofW increase barriers to post-secondary edution

    May 9th, 2019


    WINNIPEG, May 9, 2019 – The University of Winnipeg announced a tuition increase of 3.7 per cent for most undergraduate programs on May 07, 2019. The University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) believes that the added cost will be a barrier to the access of post-secondary edution for students.?

    UWSA President, Meagan Malcolm believes that marginalized groups such as Indigenous students, people of colour, students with disabilities and international students will be the ones most effected.

    “If tuition continues to increase, only a certain amount of people will be able to access university and doors further closed for those who nnot afford these rising costs,” Malcolm says. “It will end up making our mpus not inclusive as it needs to be.”

    This is the second consecutive year that tuition has increased at the University of Winnipeg, after the provincial government’s decision to allow post-secondary institutions to remove the p on tuition. Tuition had increased by 6.6 percent in 2018/19.

    “We acknowledge that the provincial funding cuts to edution are a part of the problem but we have to remember that it is also the responsibility of the University of Winnipeg to make sure that all students have access to this institution,” UWSA Vice-President External Affairs, Mahlet Cuff says.

    Less investment in post-secondary edution from the provincial government and regular tuition increases by institutions is the beginning of a disturbing trend that needs to be addressed. The UWSA lls on both the Provincial Government and UWinnipeg to find a more valued and inclusive path forward for students.

    About UWSA

    Established in 1972,the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) democratilly unites the students of the University of Winnipeg in order to advance student interests. As well as promoting communition within the University, the UWSA advotes on behalf of students to administrative bodies.


    For further information, contact:

    Shreya Jhunjhunwala
    Communitions Manager
    The University of Winnipeg Students’ Association
    0R30 – 515 Portage Avenue
    Winnipeg MB R3B 2E9
    (204) 786-9867

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide advocy, services, and support to students at the University of Winnipeg.

Our vision is to create an accessible, inclusive, democratic post-secondary edution system that is of the highest possible quality and value, and in which students n reach their full potential.

We Engage: mpus Students, Faculty, Administration | Community Lol, Grass Roots, Non-profit | Government Municipal, Provincial, Federal.

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